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My name is Evelyn,

I'm happy you are here!

This website was created on Jan 26, 2000 as my home business DBA.  Since then it has evolved into something entirely different.  EMprints.com is now the flagship domain that I use for helping my husband Rick since his injury.

I have gained a considerable amount of knowledge concerning mental and physical health issues including heart problems, strokes, diet, exercise, therapy, rehabilitation, anxiety, depression, attitude, faith, God, hope, patience...

If there's anything that I've learned, it's to NEVER give up, God Works in Strange Ways and that, He helps those that help themselves!

It's been quite a ride!

  1. I created the website ChristianSoldiersCross to use as a therapy tool for Rick to exercise his brain and fingers from home. 

  2. I wrote the short, easy, fun to read book Quiet Angels, in an effort to do my part in giving hope to others living with severe depression.  It's a TRUE story about my husband Rick's Near Death Experience, our dog that saved his life and years of recovery that is humorous and inspirational.

  3. I help with RicksPlace4Pooch.  

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"Most of us have been told Angels have wings.  Some of us have learned they have paws."

Quiet Angels

"Dogs are Quiet Angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly" 

For Anyone Who Has Ever Loved a Dog....  An amazing dog story that I couldn't at first figure out was real or not because the writing is captivating and the life story of this dog and those he loves and who love him back is sometimes funny, sometimes tragic, and always heartfelt...
10 Stars!!!!!!! - This story is about a man and his dog - and so much more!!! It brought tears of laughter, tears of sadness, and has given me a new-found hope for my life!!  As a reader who does not know this family, I ask that you PLEASE read this book!!! It can't help but impact your life!!!
Never Give Up Hope - Beautiful story of a man and his family facing a terrible medical crisis and surviving it against all odds. I highly recommend this book, especially if you are an animal lover like me.

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